06 January 2015

Happy New Year Readers!

Well, where did 2014 go?
I know a lot of it for me went in unfinished personal modelling projects, but I was rather pleased with the row of cottages that I salvaged from disaster, and the viaduct.
I then started on a bigger row of cottages, but that go waylaid by a couple of timely commissions, one of which was the Dover Priory Signal Box . Since my last post, my client has been busy siting his new Signal Box onto his layout. He's had to cut out and fill, but I think he's making a marvellous job. There's still a bit more for him to do on the platform facing, and recolouring the platform surface to match the surrounding area, but he's pretty much there.

If you want to have a look at his epic thread on RMWeb, it's here:

A lot of my models have been stand alone constructions and have not been bedded in to scenery, so it's been nice to finally see something in-situ.

Currently I'm building a slightly different version of this box for another client, this time not buried in a platform, but in a traditional stand alone setting...

...Watch this space...