11 May 2013

The finished 'Box

Well, it's finally finished - apart from, of course, detailing the interior (I've left the roof removable to allow this) and to add a figure, perhaps, at a later date.

I was working on adding some scenic material to the base and thought, like the brilliant Cowes box by Iain Robinson upon which this model is based, it required just a couple of extra touches to bring it to life. I'd already built the lamp hut as you know, and thought it could do with a couple of oil barrels next to it. I originally hoped to make my own, but experimentations failed in this respect and I thought I was going to have to order some from Langley, but then last night whilst sticking yet another row of slates on to the Station roof, I had a Eureka moment.... About 25+ years ago I was really into collecting Airfix  1:72 scale model soldiers and associated military vehicles. I had grand plans of creating World War 2 Africa conflict dioramas and had Eighth Army and Afrika Korps armies, Tanks, Guns etc. Amongst all this stuff, which I've still got in the loft, I had a recollection that I had an Italieri Diaroma kit, still half on sprue, that I felt sure had some barrels. A quick delve into the loft garnered fruit! I was right! I unearthed 8 barrels, unfortunately poly cemented together by my 11 year old self, but I hadn't done that bad a job on them, so a quick sand down, a spray of undercoat (Matt grey from the Pound Shop) and a dry brush with light grey, followed by a thin wash of black and a final dry brush with Humbrol Rail colour rust, and Robert was indeed your Mother's Uncle.. Planted in place with a dab of UHU and a sprinkling of scenic scatter and course turf around the base of the buildings and I was done!

I had the dilemma, having made the downspouts from undersize diameter wire, having seen a thread over on RMWeb discussing downspouts, of whether to pull then off and start again. But in the end, I don't think they look too bad, so I decided to keep them... Maybe the builders had run out of the correct gauge pipe?...
Oh, one last thing - I added a nameplate, printed of on photographic paper and weathered down with a thin wash of dilute black, then blotted back with a sheet of Kitchen towel.

All in all I'm very happy with this. It started as an experiment with Wills sheets and ended up as my most complete model to date. Now, where to put it...

...And the station? Well, I'm 50% of the way through tiling the roof, but I've run out of Evergreen Half-round until payday, but I've some fiddly roof bracketry (don't know the right term) to add under the eaves to keep me occupied. Maybe I'll photograph some progress shots in the next couple of days...


  1. Now that is one excellent signal box. Love it ... and the shed. Nothing wrong with the downspout as far as I can see. It looks just the job. The telegraph insulators (or whatever they're called) are a really nice touch.

    Go on, post an update on the station building!

  2. A very fine job, Lee. Your steps are so good. I like the setting very much too. I also like the fine-ness of the windows and the superb job you've done of the roof, oh and the stonework and the... just let's say it's brilliant!

  3. Lovely finished product. Well done

  4. Thanks chaps. I really enjoyed building this. I'm glad you noticed the insulators Chas, these came off the same sprue as the oil drums...they were too good an opportunity to miss, so I cut off the think strips already in place and glued a full may with four insulators on st the bottom and half a bar at the top.

  5. Well you beat me to it Lee and what a lovely little model / scene you have created.

    Those insulators are indeed a nice touch and the hut sets things off nicely.

  6. Hi Geoff

    thank you! I bet you'l beat me to the interior though! ;)

  7. Hi Lee, it's been too long since I visited. The signal box is brilliant, but the lamp hut is a whole little work of art in itself too. It really shows the scars of a railway life!

    I collected the Airfix soldeers too, and also favoured the North African battle grounds. I secretly preferred the Afrika Korps soldiers which I thought looked more soldier-like than the allies!

    Looking forward to the progress shots of the station.

  8. Cheers, Mikkel, I enjoyed making the lamp guy and it was quick too. I too preferred the Afrika Korps...they might have been the enemy, but they certainly had in going on with uniforms. I remember reading Spike Milligan's war biography when they got their desert battle kit.... Comical is not the word.. Station update soon... I've run out of evergreen strip for the guttering which has halted roofing progress, but I have finished one of the Bays...

  9. We need a piped supply of Evergreen strip. You can be sure to run out of it when you need it the most. Which is logical but the modeller's mind just won't catch on to it :-)