06 February 2014

Do you know what I did last Autumn? A sneaky peek

I've not posted anything here for ages, and I've got a confession - I HAVE been building something, and I've been posting progress on it over on RMWeb for a bit of active encouragement as I build.
Cross-blogging readers might have noticed I've made reference to a Goods Shed I've been building,
well, I've now finished it, bar a couple of little bits of fettling needed, so here's a sneaky peek:

The main focus of this image is the van, which I practised my first ever attempt at weathering on. It turned out rather well, so I posed it in the 'Shed..

I'm waiting for a spot of natural daylight, when it's not tipping with rain or blowing a gale, and then I'll get a couple of decent shots and post a full description.

So until then, TTFN



  1. A lovely job, Lee. This looks like it is straight out of the 1960' full of atmosphere. You are an artist in three dimensions...with a very delicate and restrained touch. It would have been so easy to overdo the "satanic mills" look of the goods shed, but you have just kept back from the precipice and produced something special...go and see the RMWeb thread, folks!!

  2. Thanks Iain - you wouldn't believe the struggle I've had with getting the stone colour right.

  3. Hi Lee, the wagon weathering really made a difference. And your first attempt at that sort of thing, too! Very impressive.

    I look forward to seeing where those rails are going to lead :-)

  4. Ah, I wondered what you'd been up to! I haven't seen the thread on rmweb but the preview looks terrific. Love the colour of the stonework and the intricate downspouts. And the weathering on the van has turned out very well indeed. The little scene is just lovely - as Iain says, very atmospheric. Look forward to seeing the rest of it.

  5. Nice to see you posting here again Lee, I look forward to reading more about your goods shed and seeing some more photos. I'm trying to resist visiting RMweb as the place annoys me :-)