18 September 2014

Finished Bridge

It's been a couple of days now since I posted this off down South to my customer, but he recieved it intact today, so I thought I'd share the photos I sent off to him before posting it.

Following a number of paint coats, I finally decided on an atmospheric green tinge to the stonework witht the mortar showing through quite markedly. This was achieved by firstly painting with an overall base of Wilko's "Safari Sand", followed by a thin wash of Humbrol Weathered Black, then a wash with some artists acylic green added in. Then a light wash of the safari sand was run over the mortar joints to bring out the mortar colours, before finally dry-brushing with a mix.

The right hand edge of the bridge was to go to the basebaord edge, so I built up a landscape base using foamex formers and some blue cloths glued on with UHU and then plaster of paris painted over the top. A brown emulsion base was added to give a starting point for the scenic work. The opposite side was a different matter, with me having no idea of the scenic landform, so I have left blank and open for the hillside to marry up to it.

I would have liked to add a road surface to the deck, but as I was sending it as a separate piece I decided it would be better to leave as a blank canvas, especially so as the client's budget didn't run to the additional scenic work ;)

Today, I also got sent this (unfortunately dark, but atmospheric) shot of the bridge in situ in my customer's loft..,

unfortunately, whilst being absolutely delighted, he reports that due to a slight technical hitch with measuring, the deck is a tad too long. so it's on its way back to Huddersfield for a little remedial work...


  1. As I said to you earlier, it looks fantastic Lee! You have really nailed that pointing and the whole thing looks very realistic indeed. I like the convincing way it sits on plan...I think your customer has a real gem there mate.

  2. Very subtley weathered, Lee. I like a plate bridge. Are we all sitting up to watch the referendem results?