25 June 2012

Another Building, another clay quest

Good Morning and happy monday to you all. I went and saw the Olympic torch yesterday. I wasn't really that bothered, but my daughter really wanted to see it, so we went to the evening celebration at Temple Newsam, and it really was quite a spectacle, especially when the torch entered the arena to the them tune of Chariots of Fire...

Anyway, when I got home I thought I'd have an hour or two on the ticket office and waiting room portion of the station building. As with the previous building using clay, I had the problem of overnight cracking, but I was more pragmatic in my response with this one, and rather than ripping it all off and starting again, I drizzled superglue into the areas that were coming away from the substrate below, and with some small pinches of clay, wetted the cracked areas and smeared damp clay into the cracks using my fingers to flatten. I also built up areas which weren't quite the same level as the rest, and tidied up the edges of window, lintels etc, flattening down and trimming while wet with a scalpel blade.

Any further cracks/ broken edges were repaired with a spot of ready mixed filler and sanded down with rough grade sandpaper.

And now I'm left with the structure below, all clayed and sanded and ready to start scribing. Last time I made the error of painting before trying the windows, so this time the windows will be constructed and fitted prior to painting...

I thought I'd also just show a quick and not very good pic of the chimney pots now added to the chimney stacks of the Station Master's house (I'm sorry to report that my clumsy camera hand managed to knock all three pots off the right stack just after the pic was taken, but it gives me chance to straighten them up a bit with the reglue

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