28 June 2012

The Scribing on the Walls

A couple of free hours while the wife was out last night and after the kids went off to bed resulted in getting off to a great start with the scribing on the next building. So much so that I actually finished the stonework on the first building.

A quick fix
The great thing about clay is that that if you go wrong, as I did, you can just patch up with a little wodge of clay and start again. As I've made up the structure whole and applied the clay to the assembled building, I've had to line up the stone courses around the whole building. Using a set square is essential, providing you've nice square walls. I went a bit astray on the gable end of the building and was left with horizontal lines scribed in the walls that wandered off from level and didn't have a hope of meeting up with the other side, so I simply wet the offending area, then smoothed a small wodge of dampened clay onto the wall with my fingers, continuing to wet it until it was nice and flat.

I then put it to one side whilst I paid a little bit of attention to the third building, sticking some sills beneath the window apertures. As it was only a thin layer of clay, it dried in next to no time and I was able to correct the lines and finish off the stonework.

All Scribed and ready for test fitting windows (no, not Microsoft)
The next stage now is to make some windows and doors for the structure and make sure they fit before scribing the edges of the window apertures ( I made the mistake of painting before fitting the windows last time and had to spend some time shaving the insides of the apertures to make each window fit, then having to touch up and the shaved areas)

Next post I'll show the windows before fitting, then hopefully I can get to painting up...

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  1. Looking at the photo you sent me I would say that the scribing is pretty much pitch-perfect. I don't know how you scribe it with the walls all assembled, it would drive me nuts, but you have done a top job. Can't wait to see how it looks painted!