20 January 2013

Ok, I spent the weekend finishing off the architecture, adding some more capping stones and the parapet wall, then I set to painting. Not 100% happy with the colour, but the photography seems to do it justice (albeit changing the colour in a bad light situation) so I'm happy enough to show it at this point.

I may well revisit the paint job in the near future, but for now I give you...The Tunnel Portal in Stone...

I've yet to add wing walls, but I'll have a look at rebuilding the station platforms and adjoining retaining walls first, so I can work out where the right hand wing wall will go (the left hand side butting up to the start of the long retaining wall section.

1 comment:

  1. I think that this is looking remarkably fine, you have discovered a very viable and effective method of depicting stonework. The paint job looks very good, job! From the photos it looks absolutely perfect.