24 January 2013

Now with Added Wings

I've really got into this project, and after some serious scribing, I finally finished the Wing Walls this evening. Following my own ideas, and backed up by the frankly brilliant Iain Robinson, I painted up the stonework to match the already painted main portal  and loosely propped the walls in front of the portal. Hopefully I'll get a shot of the placed portal in situ with a loco for effect this weekend.

I have to say, I think the Foamex project has definitely succeeded, and whilst being very time consuming, has resulted in a much more pleasing result than the printed cardboard kit I was previously using. The added bonus is that it's incredibly lightweight, so if anyone is interested, these would be great for a portable layout. Hope you enjoy, Lee


  1. This is looking very realistic, it has the look of the tunnel mouths on the K&WVR, grimy and gritty. The defenition achieved by your scribing is excellent, as is the execution of the scribing itself. I look forward to seeing it in pressure, then :-)

    Thank you for the compliment, by the way (blushes)...I just make more mistakes than most.

  2. In situ is going to involve being placed in an unscenic-ed area: lots of bare plywood, foam and tiling adhesive landscaping. It might actually gee me up into getting some scenic work done (or maybe not - tax deadline is looming and I haven't done it yet - can't really justify playing at toy trains :( )