21 June 2013

Up on the Roof

I'd like to post something a bit more complete in terms of a finished model, but it's been such slow progress as of late, what with painting disasters and such like, so I thought I'd show you a Champagne moment - I've finished tiling the roof!
All the ridge tiles are on, as per my previous explanation, involving cutting 4mm strips of 10 thou, scoring and folding in half, then gluing microstrip on at intervals. Flashing was added to the base of all the chimney stacks, before a Midnight session of Primer spraying in the garage just before bed last night.. "Cough Cough, oops - should have worn a mask..."

Now I'm torn between starting the painting proper in earnest, or adding the chimney pots first, to get everything painted at the same time. I think I'm tending towards adding the pots last, as there's less chance of them getting knocked off, and it should be easy enough to patch in the painting. I absolutely cannot wait to get painting again now - the left bay roof went really well, so I'll be employing the same colouring there and then going for the stonework!

having had to take out the windows, meant also removing the floors from the second level, but what it has given me is opportunity to srpay the interior grey.


  1. This is fantastic work Lee. This is my first visit here and I can see you've got a real talent for knocking up buildings. I'll most certainly be watching and learning!


  2. Many thanks for your kind comments, Dave - you win the Prize for the fastest response to one of my posts ever!

    if you look back here: you'll see where this project started - four months ago to the day!

  3. The roof looks magnificent. I love the ridge tiles - it's a very effective technique (which I will happily copy). Looking forward to seeing the paint job.

  4. A new post! Great work, Lee...and I expected no less. That roof puts me to shame, what a job you have made of it. I'm glad you are having a crack at the painting now...can't wait to see the results! My work has been a slow slog this week, but I'm getting there. Getting a day off tomorrow though! Good luck with the paints.

  5. Thanks, Chas - roof painting, it has to be reported, is going well....

  6. Thanks, Iain. I'm rather pleased at how the roof has gone. Painting is going well too. Hope to post an update soon. Looking forward to seeing more of your project soon too.

  7. Congratulations Lee, as usual it was worth all the effort. This building is a real showpiece, and there are so many interesting angles to view it from. Great stuff :-)