24 June 2013

The Joy of Painting and a few late nights...

The weekend saw a few late nights (such devotion to the hobby, or did I just get carried away)

I'm still not sure if the stone is too dark, but then again, it's supposed to represent a pre-Clean Air Act environment, and I've seen some buildings here in Leeds that are STILL black...

The stonework was treated to several layers of built up colour - having an overall sand colour applied as a base, then washed over with dilute brown. When dry (speeded up with a hair dryer) it was treated to an additional wash of dilute black.

Once this was dry, I painstakingly went over all the mortar course lines with a dilute magnolia mix, which settled into all the mortar lines. Some were a little clogged from the multiple coats of paint these walls have received, but I think that is perfectly acceptable as it breaks up the uniformity. Once this had all dried it left a tide mark around some of the edges (more noticeably on the track side where it had got really late and I got a bit more urgent in painting, opting to just splash it on rather than follow the mortar courses) which was then hidden with a dry brush of brown black to weather it all up.

I'm very pleased with how the roof has gone:

Close up photography can be very cruel - it shows up the patchy and sometimes wonky edges on the bargeboards and guttering - I'll have to go over them again. The roof tiles will alsoo receive a bit more weathering - especially around the chimney stacks. I also noticed when photographing this morning that I missed painting a bit of leading around one of them

The mortar shown here is probably a bit too light as it faces trackside and I think it's going to be treated to additional weathering to make it REALLY sooty.


  1. As I said on RMWeb, this is looking great! Eagerly anticipating windows now...

  2. Thanks, Iain. So am I. a little fettling is required first. Not to mention making them all

  3. I knew you would get there in the end Lee and what a superb job you have done. The roof has turned out really well and the whole model has really come to life. Like Iain I am looking forward to seeing the windows in place not to mention the chimney pots......

  4. Thanks Geoff. It's starting to look like intended now. The completed roof has made all the difference

  5. Lovely job Lee. The late nights have obviously paid off! I can picture it with windows and doors fitted - its going to look magnificent.

  6. Thanks Chas -looking forward to getting on with it now, Although I'm still fettling the stonework...