30 March 2016

Dover Priory Low relief frontage

I'm so lucky I have a patient customer for this one.

I've actually been at this for 4 months now - and it's not that it's actually taking me that long to build it, but that various factors have interrupted, being extremely busy with work, the evening design job getting frantic, but perhaps most impactingly, becoming completely disenchanted with the model and losing my modelling mojo, as it were.

But now I'm back and really getting into it.

This is very much a work in progress and there will be a canopy to go with it (I insanely persuaded my customer that he needed me to build it - talk about a rod for my own back...)

Anyway, I hope you like it


  1. This is fantastic work, Lee. The details are very telling and everything hangs together in a way that just oozes authenticity. I hope it's not another year until you post again, I want to see this finished! We're both very lucky that we have patient customers, but this will be worth the wait.

    1. Morning Iain,
      I agree, it arrived 10 prior to Christmas.
      I am cutting the original platform for a fit this weekend.

    2. Looking forward to seeing it in position :)

  2. Well you may have got disenchanted with it at one point but it's looking really good.

    I'm not usually a fan of photo backscenes that show buildings etc. (sky and rolling hills are okay) as they always look too flat. Having said that you absolutely nailed it with the photo used in the doorway (3rd picture). At a quick glance I thought the model was a lot deeper than it really is. The perspective and colouring just seamlessly melds with the model. Seriously well done!

  3. Absolutely fantastic work Lee, the colouring, detail and everything is just superb. You really nailed it with that second photo with the view through to the car park.
    Brilliant mate.

    1. Cheers Al!
      This has really been a hard project for me

  4. Wow, this is some seriously good modelling 110%