15 February 2013

A Shot in Daylight

Just a quick update on the little waiting room building I've been making from Foamex. Following the last post I realised on photographing that the paintwork on the guttering and doors was too vibrant (and indeed a very shoddy job), so I proceeded to rip the doors back out and start again.

It's still not as I'd want it, I think the lesson learned hear is that I need to invest in some decent paints - Emulsion and Artists Arcylic is great for painting stonework, but for delicate areas such as painted surfaces, it just doesn't cut the mustard.

I think I'm happy enough with it for a "viewed from a couple of feet away" distance, but it doesn't hold up to close up photography

Saying that, I'm pretty pleased with the way it looks in natural daylight, and as requested, here's a closer view of the stonework...


  1. That stonework does look very good, the texture is perfect and the mortar courses are nice and defined. It was worth all the work you put in. For painting, the Humbrol acrylics are variable. Some go on perfectly, while others are a bit thick in the "tinlet". I generally mix a little acrylic flow medium to the ones that are on the thick side, but I have no complaints, much prefer it to the smelly enamels.

  2. Cheers Iain. I think I'm going to have tl leave it there now. From a layout perspective, it's more than fine and I'm now going have to build a platform for it to sit on.

  3. Lee, the stonework looks lovely. How did you make the slates?

    1. Hi Chas, slates are made from strips of lightly textured wallpaper. with slits cut for individual slates then overlapped.

  4. It looks very effective and makes the model unique. I must give it a go, but the thought of cutting all those tiles......!