21 February 2013

A kit of Parts

I've just finished cutting out the wall segments for a new project - the Station Building proper for Farnley Burton. It's a bit of an ambitious project being a much bigger building than previously modelled.

It's loosely based on the Model by Neville Reid of  West Worthing Station but I'm going to give it a Yorkshire twist and give it a stone finish and model the roof differently. I haven't as yet decide whether to put a 50s canopy on the front - I'll be modelling on the fly.

Construction will be the usual Foamex and windows made from my refined computer cut  signwriter's vinyl onto acetate sheet technique.

I imagine this is going to take some time - I mean - just look at all those windows!!!!


  1. This looks fun. I shall watch (and learn) with interest! I like Nevile Read's work, very sharp and accurate.

  2. Looking forward to following progress on this. The use of foamex (now I know what it is) is intriguing as is the technique for the windows.