25 March 2015

Dover Priory Station Network Rail Depot 1

Just before Christmas, my wonderful customer down in Devon asked me if I could "knock up" a better model of the cardboard version he had on his layout of the Network Rail maintenance shed down at Dover Priory.

It looked a fairly simple build, and as with the signal box, he already had a paper template, so all I had to do was drop it into Illustrator, and redraw...

The redrawn elevations showing the planking, doors and windows.
The plan was to plot out the elevations onto 1mm foamex on the Roland sign plotter, which would give accurate apertures and also scribe in the planking detail, straight onto the substrate.

1mm foamex is fairly flimsy, so I braced internally with a layer of 2mm, and glued it to a 2mm base.
The windows, were cut out of self adhesive white vinyl, as per my now standard method, and stuck to a sheet of clear pvc, and glued in place behind the apertures, before gluing on a couple of pieces of 2mm foamex for the roof.

The walls were given a quick blast of grey primer before the windows were fitted. The white bits are where I had to sand off a little.
At this point, you can see I've added a masking tape felt roof, but realised it was felted the wrong way, so off it came....

At this point, the structure was pretty much finished, apart from adding the porch and supports, and detailing it with gutters, downpipes and scratch built fire extinguisher box, cigarette bin, sign and outside lamp...

Foliage added to the base to disguise the joint and give a bit of overgrown interest

Creeping plantlife and mosses growing in the gutter..

Overall, my customer was very pleased with it, and here it is planted on his layout, but not yet properly sunk in to the environment..

Not the best of shots, as it was taken with a truck-mounted web cam, but you can see David's superb landscaping and detailing. Once sunk into the ground it will look right at home.

And there you have it, a quick and rundown modern-day depot...

and so, onto this...

mmm, yummy!


  1. Fabulous work, Lee. That was a brilliant move, getting the plotter to scribe the planking. But whatever the technology used, it's the deft touch with the details and the paint brush- that's where the artistry lies. You have done a magnificent job, so well observed. Love the masking tape felt trick :-)

    1. Thanks Ian. From you that means a lot.
      There's another post coming up (unless you can't wait and want to have a sneak peek on RD WEB. ..)

  2. Lee, I can hardly keep up! What a great "shed". And the next building already done too (as per RMweb), with fantastic results. You're developing a whole new scene and look, here. Danish fan club hereby founded! :-)

    1. Ha, yes, thanks Mikkel. Pics all ready for next post, just haven't had time to write it. Next project is 3m of retaining wall...

  3. Yet another cracking piece of work Lee and some fascinating techniques.

    1. Thanks Geoff. Another enjoyable build. So much different building what is there, rather than making things up as you go along.