13 March 2015

Hartsholme Box

Well here's the second decrepit, run down and boarded up signal box I hinted at in the previous post.
Having seen the Dover Priory signal box, my new customer contacted me about making another one for his modern image layout. He didn't have anywhere in particular for it on his layout, he just wanted one.

After digging a bit more out of him, I discovered his layout was loosely based in Lincolnshire, so I talked to him about it, and we decided that although he was happy for a copy of the Dover Box, we could go for a slight change: yellow brick instead of red, the addition of a chimney stack, a single lean-to and a shift of the steps to the left hand side... (Well these were my suggestions, and he was more than happy).

The build of the shell was identical to the previous box in every aspect - foamex core, SE Finecast brick sheet wrap, windows constructed from self-adhesive vinyl and styrene strip...

The mesh frames were made by MEKing styrene strip to 1mm etched brass mesh from Scalelink and sprayed carefully with Plasticote primer.

I used the Lincoln High Street Signal Box as inspiration for the colouring, the chimney stack and the lean-to and steps positioning.

Next up... an old Coal Office, now used as a Depot Office...


  1. That's superb!

    A sad subject, but the result is a lovely model.

  2. Hi Lee. Looking at this, I'm beginning to feel exactly like your customer: I'm not sure I need one, but I want one! I'm completely taken with how you've captured this, especially the boarded up windows and the weathering. And that stark grey light of early spring suits it very well. Fantastic work, I'm almost tempted to change my modelling period (almost!).

  3. Hi Mikkel, thank you. Again it was a fun build, and even though the Windows would eventually be shuttered up, I still built it as a conventional movement model, so it was almost as if boarding it up for real....
    Again, will be sad to see it go, but I've already started on the next one (not signal box this time)

  4. Yet another cracking model Lee, its superb in every way.

  5. Another masterpiece from the LNR stable! You have achieved a feeling of delicacy with this that isn't often seen in modern image style buildings and your weathering is amazing. There's one like this near me in Pwllheli , just as decrepit as this...I was looking at it and thinking what a challenge it would be but I see you have properly nailed the look.

    1. Thanks Iain. As I've said before, I've had a lot of fun building this one - it's adding all the details that makes it - just putting together the grilles is quite satisfying - and even though they sadly detract from the original architectural beauty of the signal box, they add a touch of gritty realism.