01 March 2013

Over 1500 Views Now

And to celebrate, here, my loyal readers is a little progress on the new station building.
There has been a lot of cutting out with the scalpel on this one, and after a scaling scale (I was worried it was looking a bit small, I have added a bit of depth to the wings and the main building.

It's changed a bit from the kit of parts in so much that I've chopped off the gables, deciding to go back to the hipped roof design, so at the moment it's looking a bit like a couple of boxes. Also I decided to change what I was doing with the Chimneys, so they've gone too - to be built separately, later.

After studying the photograph, I built up a set of steps leading to the main doors. Whilst doing this, I noticed on the photograph, that there was a side door leading into the right bay, so I cut an aperture while I was at it.
It's starting to take shape now, and I'll continue with cutting out the windows from the platform  facing elevation next.
As there is a major inset to the building where the steps come in, I'll be scribing the stonework on the inside faces separately this time as opposed to my usual technique of scribing once the structure is glued together.

Started scribing the stonework on the Street-side wall. Last week I bought a pack of Wills Dressed stone and am quite impressed with it, so copied the scale with the scribing here... so far, so good...
Ignore the glue blobs on the steps - I've only just glued it together, but it will be cleaned up before painting


  1. It's coming together very nicely and the modelling is very sharp, I'm looking forward to seeing how this progresses. Congratulations on 1500 views!

  2. Gosh Lee, the scribing is incredibly painstaking. Do you draw all the stonework out then scribe or draw it as you go along? Looking great.

    1. Hi Chas, I scribe the horizontal courses first, then the individual stretcher courses with a scalpel. Then I go over it all again with a small jeweller's screwdriver to enhance the stonework. It IS painstaking and had taken ages for this elevation so far...