16 April 2013

A Diversion Signal

Whilst I'm still well on with the construction of the Station building, I thought I'd have a little modelling diversion to make use of some Wills stone sheets I got a while ago and have a go at a signal box... It's based the brilliant model of Cowes by the ever excellent Iain Robinson but with the Farnley Burton twist of having a stone base. I could have built that quite easily from pvc foam but I wanted to try conventional methods and must admit the results are very pleasing, especially taking time to mitre the corners with some fine grit sandpaper stuck to a block. The frame is foamex (of course) and the windows are the old cut vinyl method  alhough I had to go to just one layer due to the small size and fiddlyness aspect. I made the overlapping boards from strips of thin card, overlapped and stuck together, then recessed in holes in the wall sides. The roof is only temporary at the moment as it's in position just to see how everything is looking. After much soul searching I think I'm going to be painting this (and the station building) in LMS colours, with white on black name and running boards...


  1. Slipping in a sneaky signal box during the station construction eh? Looks fab. The windows work well.

  2. This is looking great, Lee! It's going to be a really super model, and I am so glad that you didn't go for the orange livery :-) LMS will be so much nicer and compliment what is going to be a very fine structure. The windows are sooo good!

  3. Cheers chaps, this is my lunchtime modelling project - the station building being simply too big to transport to work and back :)