04 April 2013

Roofs and Wonky Chimneys

Well, since the last update, I've finished the chimney stacks for the main building and stuck down a basic  cereal box card initial roof covering - it's not the neatest of jobs, but after a bit of fettling and covering with tiles, it doesn't really need to be. For the purposes of a slightly more photogenic update I decided to give it a quick coat of grey, not that it needs it, but it starts to look more like a foor rather than a load of card slapped together. Also rather late last night when I really should have been in bed, I started to give the trackside face of the building a brownish stone dry brush as a first coat. Tempting as it is to try and create a clean stone finish as the buildings tend to look these days, I'm going to grime it up to match the Waiting room building made earlier, as I think it gives the model so much more character, plus you can actually see the mortar courses, and after all those hours ofscribing I sure as hell want to see some mortar courses!!
I waited until the light of day to take it outside this morning before setting off for work and getting some decent daylight shots.

Ignore the wonky chimney at the back, it's just balanced there at the moment.

Also ignore the wonky windows, I've so far only made a few of the many needed and was just test fitting with blu-tac. The Station is now for the purposes of photography, seated behind the soon to be scrapped platform to give a sense of location


  1. Cracking stonework and chimney stacks. I miss Bailey though. As a matter of interest, how long is the model? It looks as though it's going to be a really eye-catching centrepiece.

  2. I think I mentioned in an earlier post - it's now 550mm long including both wings! :) Bailey doesn't tend to get allowed out much as he disappears for hours on end, and then goes playing in the road. I promise I'll try to get him in the next update. If we're lucky, Bilbo might join him...

  3. Again, I echo Chas's comments. Excellent work, very impressive! It's looking more and more like a masterpiece.

    So, first Bailey and now Bilbo...I can't wait! No, I don't have a Tumblr full of cats, by the way :-)

    Joking aside, this is really fab, I can't wait for the next installment!

  4. A masterpiece indeed. The natural light makes it look even better.

    I can see it must be slightly distressing (no pun intended) to weather all that beautiful stone!