09 April 2013

Station Update 2.1

 Just a quick update to show more windows and doors fitted and the roof base layers fitted for both bays.
Just 3 doors to fit on this side

and 6 windows to fit on this side - note the opened main door :)


  1. Looking good, Lee. The windows look great. I love the weathered stonework on the right hand bay.

  2. Those windows, done by the patent LNR method, look fantastic! The whole structure is beginning to look like the real thing - a superb job. I agree with Chas, that right hand bay ...the stonework is fab!

  3. Cheers fellas - how you can tell from those blurry photos, I don't know :). I've just got 6 windows left to cut, but I'm having a real nightmare with them - the plotter is playing up and either ripping them off the backing, or not cutting deep enough!

  4. The original is 1889, and this looks the part. Very fine.

  5. Thanks Iain. I'm trying to make it look more "Yorkshire" but still retaining the architectural feel of the original