02 April 2013

Roofing and Chimneys

Just a quick update this morning on the slow progress. I went to the York Model Railway Show yesterday with my lad and had a great time perusing the exhibits and drooling over the trade stands - I could have spent an absolute fortune. It was a great experience seeing all the  available products out there - I had no idea! I could have bought some cast chimney pots and my son was getting a bit bored as I dithered - at £2 per 4, they weren't at all bad, and had I been a bit more flush I would have got them. In the end, what I really wanted was a pack of Evergreen half round to make some gutters, so I decided I'm going to carry on with the plan and make my own pots. The Evergreen was picked up from the brilliant Eileen's Emporium stand, along with a bargain 150g pack of DAS for £1.. Going to have to build a small hut or something, or maybe save it for some dry stone walling...

Anyway - on to the Station.. I've made all 7 chimney stacks (albeit making and fitting the pots, which I'll do as final detailing to avoid knocking them off) and started to fit them to the roof.
Initially I'd planned to fix them to the flat roof base and then fix the sloping roof around them. This was proving to be a little tricky, so in the end I ripped the stacks back off (ripping being the operative word as I'd glued them in with that traditional modeller's medium of NO NAILS), but not before marking the angle of the roof, and the cut the slope off the stack, to glue flush to the slope. I've so far made the full roof for one of the bays and started the second, using cereal box card as the base.
The full building with the in-progress roof. Note the thumbprint on the interior wall of the right bay painted grey to darken off the interior prior to fitting windows. Guest appearance in the background by Bailey the Cat

Terrible Camera Phone photography post midnight in bad lighting... Chimney stacks in background yet to be removed and cut - stacks in foreground having been cut and glued onto roof. This section, barring a little filing is ready to be tiled.


  1. Now part of the roof is on, it's looking even more magnificent. I can just picture it on your layout. Looking forward to seeing the tiling.

  2. Cheers Chas, it is starting to look the part now. Still a heck of a lot of work to go yet.

    Has anyone noticed the Lightbox effect appears to be working again?

  3. Yes, I like what I'm seeing! This is looking really good, and well done for persevering with those pesky chimneys. I know the chimney pots that you mean and they are OK, but believe it or not, you can make your own out of paper. I found after a little practice you can cut them out of 100 gsm stock with a scalpel and after a few duds, they start to come out looking much finer than castings. I used them on my Castle Rise models, for instance. You can add as much detail as you want.

    Anyway, this is really good progress. I do like the granite finish on the station car park ;-)

  4. Top tip there, sir - I'm going to experiment a bit with chimney pots before I commit. I think a building of this stature deserves something a bit finer looking than a plain round pot... The roof base is now done, although I messed up trimming the angle on one of the chimney stacks... now they're stuck on, one is 2mm lower than the other, so I'm left with the dilemma -do I leave it as a quirk of architecture, or do I pull it off and try to raise the height with a bit of clay?...

  5. I forgot to mention the an idea of the sheer size of a 4mm scale model like this. More, more...never mind working, we want to see this model finished! (and more guest appearances by Bailey, too, please!)

  6. *edit* hehe - that car park is the Purple Stairs carpet!

  7. Ah the cat - hehe, yes, he was sat there as if to say - "are you going to bed or what?" He has a habit of sitting on the Wireless Network point on my desk while I'm working on the computer. I've almost finished the roof substructure now, so I'll see if I can get some progress posted tonight.