08 March 2013

My Scalpel finger hurts!

If any of you are cross reading blogs, you might have read that I had a bit of a rethink about the thickness of the walls and thus the window reveals. As I was using 3mm foamex and intend mounting the window frames behind the outer shell, this will result in a scale depth of 9 inches. Whilst I wanted a more chunky feel for this building, the more I drove around to and from work, looking at the architecture around me, the more I felt that 9 inches was way too deep. Wanting to make use of materials to hand, namely offcuts of foamex at work, I was lucky to come into a pile of 2mm foamex, which would mean a scale depth of 6 inches. Now I think this is just about right for what I wanded.

And so, upon finding this, I proceeded to cut out a brand new set of fronts, deciding that I could still use the supporting structure and not have to start completely from scratch.

All apertures now cut out - let the scribing begin! (please excuse masking tape used to hold it all together for the purposes of photography.

So, now having cut out ALL the window and door apertures, not only from the part of the structure I'd already done, but also the two wings at either end, my scalpel finger is very sore, but it was a lot easier and quicker than cutting through the extra 1mm.

Higher view shows scope of new building - it's now 550mm wide. The steps are missing, being sat on the kitchen shelf at the moment

It's a good job I hadn't got too far with the scribing on the main fascia, otherwise starting all over would have been a complete disaster. As it was, this has only been the work of a few hours.

Oh the roof is going to be so much fun!


  1. A brave move, to scrap what you have started...but at least it's before you got too far on with the project. Too few modellers look around them and take in the architecture, glad to hear you are a keen student!

  2. What a building, very impressive!

    Your refusal to accept a compromise is impressive. It's funny how some compromises seem Ok but there is always that nagging feeling when the compromise seems too big.

  3. Gosh it is a brave move starting again but the result does look good. It's going to be an imposing building when finished. Time to rest the scalpel finger!