14 March 2013

Scribing and Gluing

Due to a much more ambitious project than the last one, progress has been painfully slow, but progress has been made... I've got the shells of the Bays assembled now and have glued the front, sides and supporting "floor" to the main structure, but as yet am leaving them as separate units until all surfaces that are exposed have been scribed with stonework detail. 
Both bays assembled and test fitted to the sides of the main building , of which the front has been fuly scribed. Work has just started on the roof assembly, which is VERY loosely balanced on top at the moment. Just visible on the right is the right bay, which is now glued together awaiting strenghtening before scribing begins
Scribing on the front face of the right bay complete up to the point where the stonework comes out a step in relief. The odd scribing in the flat area at the bottom are just some freehand test scribes with a jeweller's screwdriver.
I've progressed a fair way with the scribing, having now scribed the front elevation of the main building using a smaller course of stonework than the waiting room building. I've followed the scale of the Wills Dressed Stone Sheets to achieve this, and I don't think it looks half bad!

Scribing has followed the usual process with the horizontal  and vertical courses marked out with a scalpel and then gone over with a small jeweller's screwdriver, which I have found to be a perfect tool. This proved to be rather tedious, and I utilised this method for the main front face, but for the bays, I experimented with just using the screwdriver. This method results in a more embossed effect and indeed looks very good, but looks a little more rustic than dressed stone.

Lintels and sills have been applied to some of the window openings thus far using a strip of Cereal box cardboard, in the absense of plasticard. It's very rough at the moment and there are going to be some gaps that need filling due to not sticking perfectly flush, but I have a plan for this - it's going to need a lot of patience.

Anyway - enough for now - on with the scribing (as and when time allows as ll of a sudden my Freelance Graphic and Web design services seem to be much in demand, up to the point where I have to sneak in the odd 10 minutes scribing here and there and indeed a little bit in the lunch time break at work)

the side wall on the left bay has been scribed has the side wall on the right....

If you're wondering where the steps have gone - I've decided that a rebuild is in order, due to not being quite square with the building,  so they've been scrapped.


  1. The stonework looks fabulous, it's really coming on now. I'm looking forward to the painting stage! It's good that your freelance work is busy...and you are in good company with your lunch hour modelling, I heard of the captain of an airliner taking a few modelling bits and working on the flight deck!!!

  2. Gosh Lee, the scribed stonework is terrific. You must have the patience of a saint!

  3. Cheers both, the scribing is taking a long time, but I think it's worth it. Can't wait to get on to the painting myself, but I'm going to have to be patient and finish the scribing first!