25 March 2013

Station Update

Just a quickie, to show work is still going on -

Now pretty much finished scribing the walls - the main building has had a coat of Sandstone and the stonework is starting to come to life. Left bay has had sills fitted - right bay is missing because it BL**DY WELL FELL APART!!!!@@@, so I think some NO NAILS™ is in order now as this is the third time it's fallen apart using polystyrene cement.

here is a previously unseen angle -the Trackside - just to prove it exists and it's not just a one-sided model...
You can also see here the test fitting of the roof base - making that's going to be interesting...

Well, better leave it at that, as I've just been commissioned to design two websites in the next couple of weeks, so where I'm going to find time to model I don't know... maybe if I squeeze a twenty fifth hour into the day, I might just manage...


  1. This is turning into one impressive station building. I do hope you manage some progress in the next couple of weeks - I'm looking forward to seeing it develop. I still love the scribing by the way. It adds a uniqueness missing from embossed styrene.

  2. Cheers Chas - I'm really itching to get on, but there's a certain order things need to be accomplished. Because the roof won't sit quite flat, I'm going to have to glue it down, and I can't do that until the windows are in, and I can't put the windows in until I have painted the inside dark and painted the stonework. I also can't carry on the decorative ridge over the bay lintels until I've glued the bays onto the main building, and I realised I've still the end face of the left bay to scribe yet, and the right hand bay has collapsed, so I need to glue that back together. Also, I really need to work out the exact shape of the main building roof and get it test fitted before fixing the bays on, as it's going to be too big and unbalanced to keep tipping upside down. I'll get there though.

  3. Agree with everything Chas says. The stonework is looking really brilliant, far better than anything you could buy for the job. It is worth the brain damage! I don't envy you building the roof...look forward to seeing how you do that. Congrats on the web site jobs...annoying though, when work gets in the way of the more important things in life!