12 March 2013

The Layout

Forgive the poor photo and the background clutter, my "Railway Room" has to share with the kids' bike store and general dumping ground that garages tend to become
 I've  been asked a couple of times about the layout I keep mentioning, well here it is, or such that it was 12 months ago. The double track upper level that I intended, has now turned into an elongated figure of eight that rises and falls on each long edge, the intention being that it gives the trains a good long run. The passing siding that you can see on the right hand side is now going to be ripped up to allow for a more scenic- friendly cutting. The two platform structures are from Scalescenes, but as much as I rate them, as with the retaining walls I ripped out, these are going to follow suit, as and when time allows, to be replaced with a finer, example (hopefully) which will suit the Station building in progress.

As the layout lives in the garage, over winter it is under wraps most of the time, so as the weather gets nicer, I'll hopefully get out and take some new photos of any updates.


  1. Very interesting! I see you are a devotee of watching the trains go round, something I find rather mesmerising and extremely relaxing. Also a good idea with little ones around. It looks like you have some substantial woodwork going on, too. I look forward to seeing how things develop!

  2. Absolutely- the layout is primarily for the little ones, with some added bonus of supplementary scenic work for my own benefit. They couldn't care less if the station was made of a tissue box and poster paints, or painstakingly hand carved... but I do ;)

    There is a lot of woodwork going on there - no way could this be an exhibition layout - there is a substantial amount of timber going on underneath. That flat board in the foreground now houses a hill through which the tunnel runs (the tunnel from which the earlier blogged about portals belong)

    Now, if only I could find that blue soldering gun pictured there, to finish off the track droppers...

  3. This looks great! Exciting for the kids and plenty of scenic opportunities too. A figure of 8 on two levels - I wish I'd done that now. Looking forward to seeing the updated photos when you get the chance.